November 28, 2002

Turkey Day!

Happy Thanksgiving!

In the spirit of the holiday, I present to you my list of the "Top 10 Baseball Things I am Thankful For":

#10...I have a Major League Baseball team in my hometown.

#9...Bud Selig isn't smart enough to be really dangerous.

#8...No strike/new Collective Bargaining Agreement.

#7...Terry Ryan, a good front office, a solid Major League nucleus and a strong farm system for my Twinkies.

#6...The Internet - I spend about 23 and a half hours everyday on the internet reading something on some baseball-related website and without the web I might be forced to actually do school work or something.

#5...The 2002 season - what else could a guy ask for? The Twins made the LCS and the Yankees didn't. Barry Bonds was, well, Barry Bonds. And the Anaheim Angels won the World Series, although I still can't believe it. - I actually found a place for baseball dorks like me to hang out (plus they are willing to publish my articles).

#3...Barry Bonds.

#2...DirecTV MLB Extra Innings package.

#1...My readers! Without you guys, who the heck would pay attention to me?!

I hope I didn't leave anything out...

I try to keep this blog focused completely on baseball and not other sports that I am interested in, like college basketball and college football.

Once in a while I just can't help myself though.

Anyway, since Thanksgiving is sort of a football holiday, I thought I would give everyone my "College Football Lock of the Week."

Long-time readers of this site may remember a couple months ago when I made my first "College Football Lock of the Week" known.

I actually got the pick incorrect, amazingly enough.

I am determined to gain back the confidence of my readers, so here is my pick for this weekend:

(Remember, this is strictly for entertainment purposes only - unless, of course, you want to bet on it)

Florida Gators +4 vs. Florida State Seminoles.

This is a down year for these two powerhouses, but I think Florida will win this game even though it is at FSU.

The Gators are coming off of 4 straight wins, including victories against Georgia, South Carolina and Auburn.

Meanwhile, FSU is coming off of a week in which they threw their QB off the team and replaced him with the QB they benched just a few short weeks ago.

FSU also lost to NC State last week and is without their best player, injured running back Greg Jones.

So there you have it, Aaron's pick of the week!

(If I get this one wrong, I promise no more picks until next season, at least).

I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving!

Enjoy the turkey, the football and, most of all, the time with your loved ones.

See ya Monday.

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