December 31, 2003

Happy New Year!

I figure the majority of you are probably too hungover to care much about reading some baseball stuff today, so Aaron's Baseball Blog will return tomorrow, with the first real entry of 2004.

THE TOP EIGHT THINGS I WANT TO SEE IN 2004 (because I couldn't think of 10 good ones):

8) Someone other than Luis Rivas at second base for the Twins.

7) Kevin Garnett, NBA MVP.

6) An injury-free season from Johan Santana.

5) Derek Jeter and Tim McCarver's nuptials, broadcast live on FOX.

4) The Minnesota Twins in the World Series.

3) Health and happiness for all my friends and loved ones.

2) Peace in the world.

1) Four words: Mrs. Jessica Alba Gleeman.

See ya tomorrow...

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