June 27, 2006

Blogless in Seattle

If George Costanza has taught me anything, it's that leaving on a high note is extremely important.

With Joe Mauer's 5-for-5 game and Francisco Liriano's eighth win providing the proper send off, I'm heading to Seattle for the 36th annual Society for American Baseball Research convention. This will be my third SABR convention, and if you're curious about what sort of stuff I'll be doing in Seattle you can check out my trip reports for Cincinnati in 2004 and Toronto in 2005.

The short version is that it involves baseball, poker, and drinking, with the added bonus of attending a couple big-league games in the host city, meeting some big names from the world of baseball writing, and seeing some great research presentations. I'm particularly excited about this year's convention because the keynote speaker is Jim Bouton, who wrote the greatest book I've ever read, Ball Four.

When I return Monday, I hope to have both a non-botched Wolves draft pick (LaMarcus Aldridge or Brandon Roy, please!) and a still-hot Twins team to discuss, and if Mauer's not hitting at least .450 by then I'll be very disappointed.

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