October 30, 2006

Talk Amongst Yourselves

It's late Sunday night as I write this, I'm dead tired after covering a full slate of NFL action for RotoWorld and NBC Sports all day, and I'm supposed to wake up in about eight hours to do it all over again. Plus, I still have some stuff left to do in preparation for my trip to the East Coast later this week, not the least of which is getting a "professional" haircut for the first time in well over a year.

When you work entirely from home and your job revolves around doing something most people gladly do for free, all via the computer, it's often difficult to explain exactly what you do when people ask. When I try, my explanation is usually met with confused nods and questions like "wait, you get paid to watch football games?" or "you don't really write from bed, right?"

Given my plans for Monday, I think the best way to describe my life, both in terms of what I do for a living and what I do every day, might simply be to point out that I haven't paid someone to cut my hair in a very long time. That singular fact reveals a lot, including that I don't have co-workers, wear a hat close to 100 percent of the time when I'm not in bed, and rarely have to depend on looking the least bit presentable.

I suppose it also says plenty about me outside of what I do for a living, although that's more "sad" than "amusing." Why am I bringing this up, when no one in the world could possibly care about how or when my hair gets cut? Because I'm about to go to bed, didn't have anything written to post here, and felt bad about not providing a new entry of some sort a couple days before leaving on a trip. Seriously.

Rather than Friday's Link-O-Rama column remaining in this space and some mystery being left as to why nothing new was posted for today ("maybe Luis Rivas finally found him and killed him!"), you get a rambling, entirely pointless entry on a meaningless topic and a promise that player No. 23 in the oft-delayed Top 40 Minnesota Twins series will be posted first thing tomorrow morning.

Even better (and assuming my laptop permits), I should be able to use my flights to and from New York to finish up a few more profiles in the countdown and maybe even start on that Top 30 Twins Prospects series I've optimistically promised will be forthcoming. Either that or I'll just sit there, nervously thinking about what waits for in New York and then dissecting how things went while I was there. Either way.

While I attempt to get some much-needed sleep, wake up too early to do some difficult-to-explain work, and then move on to putting the finishing touches on a write-up of the 23rd-best player in Twins history, feel free to chat about whatever it is people chat about on a Monday morning. I'd suggest haircuts and the identity of tomorrow's player as topics, but writing about them didn't work so well for me just now.

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