December 31, 2008

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I've been a bad blogger lately because the Twins' offseason hasn't exactly been action-packed thus far and the annual Rotoworld baseball magazine is due at Beckett on January 6. I'm the magazine's editor and also write a big chunk of the content, so hopefully you'll forgive me for the lack of new entries here. I've got some interesting things planned for once the magazine stops dominating my life and goes to the printer on January 9, including the annual Top 40 Twins Prospects series.

In the meantime, thank you for not complaining too much about the lack of content here and thank you for supporting me in 2008, whether by reading, checking out my non-blog writing at Rotoworld, watching my videos at, or listening to my appearances on KFAN. has totaled slightly more than 1.25 million visitors this year, participation in the semi-weekly live chat sessions has greatly surpassed my expectations, and Rotoworld has posted record-setting traffic.

All of which makes me very appreciative of my audience and excited for what 2009 will bring. Seriously, thank you. I'll be back Friday with a Link-O-Rama and semi-daily blogging will resume soon. And in an effort to more properly express my feelings about the loyal audience in a completely ridiculous way, here's a fitting song from my all-time favorite, Al Green:

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