November 30, 2009

Computer Problems

I'm having all kinds of computer problems right now. First there was a fake anti-virus program popping up and ruining everything (it was called "Anti-Virus System Pro") and after seemingly ridding my laptop of that I've now got Firefox randomly redirecting me to different websites and opening up new tabs with unwanted advertisements. It's a disaster. Based on some Googling it looks like many people suddenly have the same issue, but I've yet to find instructions for how to fix it and am basically helpless.

I've already run Spybot Search & Destroy and Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware in addition to both Windows Defender and Symantec Anti-Virus. Nothing seems to make it stop and I'm unable to even get to "safe mode" because it sends to me to the "blue screen of death." Is anyone familiar with the specific issues that I'm facing and knowledgeable about a solution? If so, please e-mail me.

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