January 10, 2012

Got a question, comment, or topic idea for this week’s podcast?

Our first two mailbag episodes of "Gleeman and The Geek" worked so well for the podcast that we're doing it again, so John Bonnes and I are soliciting questions, comments, and topic ideas from the audience. If there's something you'd like to hear us read, answer, discuss, or argue about on tonight's show you can send it to me/us via the comments section, e-mail, or Twitter. And they don't all have to be Twins-related. In fact, non-Twins stuff is definitely encouraged.

  • The Twins claim to have some righthanded relievers on their list ahead of Dan Wheeler. Who do you think these pitchers are?

  • who will be Gardy’s favorite “scrappy” player on the Twinkies next year?

  • Daniel

    Assume the miraculous: Mauer, Mourneau and Span are back and producing >90%, and the Twins are in first place in the Central at the all-star break. Do the Twins use their payroll headroom to pick up an arm before the deadline to put them over the top?

  • al

    which AL central team has made the best off-season moves so far?

  • Wade Peterson

    Why do you think the Twins avoid players with fiery personalities? And why does the local Twins media only tell us a player is a jerk after said player leaves or falls out of team favor? (Ex Chuck K, Kevin S,AJ P)

  • SoCal Al

    Was 2011 the worst year for Minnesota professional sports in your lifetime.

  • kyle

    Not official, but the rumored Matt Garza trade to the Tigers essentially wraps up the AL central, thoughts?

  • kyle

    If Morneau can’t stay on the field for concussion reasons again this year. Is there anyway he retires and bails on last year of his deal? Is there a precedence for something like that?

  • The Twins will have 6 picks in the top 100 of the 2012 draft. What type of player/positions should they target?

  • MC

    So the Twins are plugging and playing… I think if they’re close around the trade deadline, they pick up what ever they may need.

    The more probable outcome is that they struggle, do they enter full rebuild or do they continue to plug and play?

    What will they do and what they should do, are they the same?

  • Shane

    I had a dream last night that Joe Mauer was ruled out for 2012 due to lingering health issues, which resulted in the Twins shutting down Morneau to write off 2012 and prep for 2013. Good decision by the dream-state Twins?

  • koop

    Given the current state of the Oakland A’s, has your opinion of Billy Beane and his implementation of “Moneyball” evolved over the past 6 years, and how?

  • Eric

    What do you think is a realistic year for Aaron Hicks?

    With a good year, could he see time in Minnesota the second half of this year? Or is more realistic that he probably won’t make the opening day starting lineup until 2014?

  • Al Pal

    Why is Bonnes so loud laughing off-mic in the background on KFAN, but it took him about 13 podcasts to learn to keep mouth close enough to the mic on your show?

  • morts

    How low would the Twins have to sink, and for how long, to seriously put Gardenhire’s job in jeopardy with Terry Ryan and the front office?

  • David

    Did anyone except me appreciate just how good Ted Robinson did at announcing the few games he did in 2011?

  • miks

    National Baseball Coverage:
    You read a lot of papers and writers for other teams, i dont. So Nationally who is the best beat writer for the MLB?

    How do the local writers stack up? (I notice you no longer call LEN III the official sportswriter of your bog. Any reason?

  • Jeff

    I’m curious about the worst-case Morneau situation. Is there some kind of insurance if he’s worthless? Do teams have any recourse to avoid paying tens of millions of dollars to injured players who will never return?

  • Dan

    Aaron Hicks was also a good pitching prospect when the Twins drafted him, I know its still early but at what point do the Twins try him as a pitcher

  • Marshall

    Aaron and John, what would be increased defensive value to the team as a result of having an OF of Revere/Span/Willingham next year instead of Young/Span/Cuddyer? What statistical impact do you see this having on our pitching staff?


  • Alex

    Like you two, I am very frustrated with the payroll cut. But I am also reminded of Tom Verducci’s well-thought article after the Mauer signing: http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/vault/article/web/COM1167614/index.htm

    There is a lot to be said for the ‘window of opportunity’ from new ballpark revenue. Do you think the Twins are saving resources to take advantage of the second half of their ‘window’ – seeing as the first half appears to be full of what-ifs regarding Morneau, Span, Blackburn, and Nishioka?? Perhaps they are preserving revenue to use when they have a true shot at contending with the rest of the AL…

  • Paulie

    Why doesn’t Jon Heyman stick to reporting (fake rumors that can get his buddy Boras more $) and quit trying to use flawed, inconsistent logic as his “analysis” for his Hall of Fame votes?

  • Jon

    What are the chances we’ll see the new expanded playoffs format this upcoming season? Which side of the argument do each of you fall on, Yay! the Wild Card teams are finally being punished or Boo! dilutes the regular season?

  • Who do you see making the playoffs next year?

  • Alex

    I’d be curious to hear a discussion of an evaluation of moves made by division rivals.

    Also, I think you should get Souhan on as a guest and ask him why he voted for Morris. 😉

  • Paul

    Why isn’t anyone (bloggers and reporters in the TC) talking about Michael Levi as a shortstop prospect. It seems like a first round shortstop would be something we could look forward to with hope.

  • Scot

    What was the best show on TV in 2011?

  • Nate

    I’d love to see the twins take a flyer on Rich Harden. He can be so dominating when healthy. Any chance we make this move and at least try him out of the ‘pen?

  • Tommy

    What is the over/under number for years until the Twins win the Central again? I say 5.

  • AM.

    After a 94-win season, the Twins headed into the season with reasonable expectations and a basically unchanged rotation of Liriano, Baker, Pavano, Duensing, and Blackburn.

    Now, after a 99-loss season, the team heads into the new year with absolutely dismal expectations and a rotation of Liriano, Baker, Pavano, Marquis, and Blackburn.

    I’m not saying I love the rotation, but isn’t it possible that the teeth-gnashing over the state of the rotation is overblown?

  • Cory

    Who do you think will be the Twins starting rotation come spring 2012? They (probably) lose Baker, Liriano and Pavano for sure after this year (hopefully getting something for them.) Who fills the rotation spots next year?

  • J Lee Rankin

    Who will be the righthanded reliever, of the many they have signed to minor league deals, that will make the pen?(assuming they stay the course and won’t spend any more money)..

  • mike wants wins

    When HoF voters (like I care who is in….) say “I saw them play”, how often do you think Heyman actually saw Morris pitch? Like, 5 times? Writers see guys pitch when the opponent comes to their town (remember, this is pre-internet), and that’s about it.

  • bcntwinsfan

    I second Nates question, i see the Twins signing Harden as a no-brainer.They could start him off in the pen and if and when a starter falters, plug him into the rotation. Worse case scenario is him and Morneau riding pine together and positing such thought provoking narrative as, Dem Canucks is good, eh? Thoughts?

  • darin

    Do you have any idea how much money the Twins profited last year? If they have $100 million in the budget does that mean they probably brought in at least $200-225 million?