August 22, 2012

Got any plans Thursday?

As a hermit I like to get my money's worth when I actually leave the house, so I've got a busy Thursday planned and want to invite readers and Gleeman and The Geek listeners to be part of it. Thursday morning I'll be doing radio live from the Minnesota State Fair and then Thursday evening I'll be co-hosting a little Twins viewing party/get-together at a bar. I'm officially inviting you all to both things, so here are some details:

Thursday morning:

Thursday morning starting at 9:00 a.m. I'll be on Paul Allen's show live from the KFAN booth at the Minnesota State Fair. I'm sure we'll be talking Twins, but the main focus will be on a dating game-style show called "Girls Gone Gleeman" that's intended to either find me a nice woman to date or embarrass me to death trying. You can come see me find love and/or be humiliated, all in front of an audience and live on the radio. Click here for more details.

Thursday night:

Thursday night starting at 7:00 p.m. I'll be at Park Tavern in St. Louis Park, eating and drinking and watching the Twins-Rangers game with John Bonnes, Parker Hageman, Nick Nelson, Lindsay Guentzel, and some other familiar names from the local blogging and social media world. We're basically just going to hang out for a few hours, so the more the merrier and all you need to do is show up, say hello, and grab a chair. Click here for directions.

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