August 11, 2002

For those of you in living in Arizona, Florida or with MLB Extra Innings...

If you have the ability to watch the Diamondbacks/Marlins game that is set to start in about a half hour, I suggest you do so.

If only for the pitching matchup: Curt Schilling vs. Josh Beckett.

Everyone knows how great Schilling has been this year (my favorite stat: 18 wins, 19 walks, 18 homers allowed).

But, I assume that not everyone knows about (or has seen) Josh Beckett.

Beckett was the #2 overall pick in the 1999 draft (behind Josh Hamilton).

He shot through the Marlins' minor league system in a hurry.

Here are his major and minor league stats, prior to this year:

Major Leagues:

24 IP

1.50 ERA

14 Hits

24 Strikeouts

11 Walks

2 Wins and 2 Losses

Double - A:

74.1 IP

1.81 ERA

50 Hits

102 Strikeouts

19 Walks

8 Wins and 2 Losses


125 IP

1.65 ERA

77 Hits

162 Strikeouts

30 Walks

8 Wins and 3 Losses

Combined numbers:

223.1 Innings

1.69 ERA

141 Hits

288 Strikeouts

60 Walks

18 Wins and 6 Losses

Take a look at that Strikeout to Walk ratio again. The hits to innings pitched isn't too shabby either.

His only real problems, prior to this year, have been staying healthy and giving up the long ball.

And this year, his problems have become more prevalent.

He has missed significant time this season because of a blister on his right (pitching) hand that just won't stay away.

And when he has been healthy enough to pitch, the long ball has killed him.

He has given up 12 homers in only 82 innings this year.

His other stats look pretty good however:

82 IP

65 Hits

87 Strikeouts

33 Walks

Oh, and I forgot to mention, he turned 22 in May.

This kid has an extremely bright future.

And, if everything goes right, he might have the same kind of succes that another power pitcher that allows his share of homers has had.

He'll get a good look at what he is trying to become tonight against Curt Schilling (37 homers allowed last year and 18 so far this year).

I'm off to watch the game. I'll give a report when it is over.

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