August 12, 2002


Yesterday's pair of postings (if you missed them, here is #1 and here is #2) about the Curt Schilling vs. Josh Beckett matchup (or lack thereof) were responsible for the 2nd biggest amount of reader emails that I have gotten so far, behind only the Mike Mussina entry.

The #1 topic of the emails? People who either are Marlins fans or have Josh Beckett on their various fantasy baseball teams and are frustrated with his great-one-start/horrible-the-next-start performance this season.

While I am not a Marlins fan, I do have Mr. Beckett on my Diamond-Mind keeper league team. So, I feel your pain. My advice: Just be patient with him. He is only 22 years old and not many 22 year old pitchers have even this much success in the major leagues. So if you think he is struggling right now, just wait until he starts pitching well...

Remember last week when I mentioned how sad I was that I had not received any death threats because of this Blog? Well, I didn't get a death threat yesterday, but I did get my first truly negative email.

The subject? Diamondbacks announcer Rod Allen.

Yes, the same Rod Allen I quoted about 1,000 times in yesterday's "Game Diary."

Apparently this person felt as though I unfairly ridiculed some of the things Mr. Allen said on the air yesterday.

I wrote the person a reply, asking for some specific instances of unfairness.

So, if I hear from them again anytime soon, I will make sure to keep you all informed.

So thanks to everyone who has emailed me already and please keep doing so in the future.

And to those of you who have been thinking about emailing me but haven't, well, why not?! I enjoy them and I always respond, so send away!

And to those of you have have not even been thinking about sending me emails, well, why not?! Start thinking about it!

Here is the email address:

I'll be back later with some actual baseball entries...

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