August 19, 2002


I have found something new to spend what very little money I have on.

Over at (which happens to be the best baseball site ever) you can now "sponsor" the various player and/or team pages.

Depending on how popular a player is, the prices range from $5 to hundreds of dollars.

If you wanna check out what a "sponsored" player page looks like, check out Adam Dunn.

Yep, that's right, Adam Dunn is now property of yours truly.

I also am proud to own Torii Hunter, Bobby Kielty, Miguel Tejada and Johan Santana.

I think it is a pretty cool way for a great site to get funding and it is extremely addictive.

And, hopefully, it will be a good way to get people to check out this blog.

If I actually had any money, it could really get out of hand.

I have seen this on other small (free) sites and I am not sure if there would be any interest in it on this one, but if anyone was interested in possibly "sponsoring" a player in my name (or the name of this website) I would really appreciate it.

You can get some pretty good players for $5 or $10.

It would be a nice way of showing you enjoy my site and it would also help get others to discover the site.

If you want to do it, just drop me an email and we can decide on a good player to sponsor.

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