August 28, 2002

Poor Pedro

I've been watching the Yankees/Red Sox game on ESPN.

Pedro just got the hook.

This game is just a complete mess for Pedro and the Red Sox.

Pedro got the first batter of the game, Alfonso Soriano, down 0-2 and then got him to tap a grounder to third base.

Shea Hillenbrand let the ball go under his glove and Soriano ended up on second base.

The second batter of the game, Derek Jeter, bunted a ball toward third base.

Hillenbrand was playing way back and couldn't get to the ball in time, Jeter got a bunt single.

The third batter of the game, Jason Giambi grounded out to shortstop, scoring Soriano from third.

So now Pedro is already down 1-0 in the first inning, through no fault of his own.

The fourth batter of the game, Bernie Williams, hit a ball right at Garciaparra at shortstop.

Nomar tried to pick it, but instead the ball wound up a foot behind him, after bouncing off his glove.

Williams reached on the second error of the inning.

Pedro somehow managed to get out of the 1st only down 1-0.

And he pitched very well after that.

The problem is, the Red Sox couldn't score him any runs.

And Grady Little decided to leave Pedro out there to start the 7th inning, even though he had already thrown 110 pitches through 6 innings.

So Pedro starts the 7th.

He walks Rondell White.

He hits Soriano with a pitch.

White steals third, partly because Hillenbrand was playing in on the grass and couldn't get back to the bag in time to apply a tag.

Jeter grounds out, scoring White from third.

And he walks Giambi.

So now he is down 2-0, he has thrown 126 pitches and he has one more out than he had at 110 pitches.

Pedro gets the hook and Alan Embree comes in and gives up a 3-run homer over the Green Monster to Bernie Williams on his 3rd pitch of the game.

I love Pedro, he is my favorite pitcher and I think he is one of the greatest pitchers of all-time.

I almost feel like he deserves better, especially than what he got tonight.

In summary:

His defense stunk.

They committed 3 errors while he was in the game, including 2 in the first inning that led to the first run of the game.

And the errors aren't even counting the two plays Hillenbrand didn't make, Jeter's bunt and White's steal (which ended up costing Pedro another run).

His offense stunk.

As I am writing this, it is the top of the 8th inning.

The Red Sox have 2 hits (both by Carlos Baerga), a walk and 0 runs against Yankees' starter Mike Mussina through 7innings.

His manager stunk.

Little did not take him out after 6 innings and 110 pitches.

This with one of the most fragile pitchers around, a guy that they like to give an extra day of rest whenever possible.

Sometimes teams amaze me.

They want to protect a guy by giving him as many days of rest between starts as possible and then they go and let him throw 130 pitches in a start!

His bullpen stunk.

Embree comes into a 2-0 game and within 3 pitches, it is 5-0.

Pedro's final line:

6.1 IP

5 H

9 K

4 BB

3 ER

126 pitches

1 Loss

Sometimes life aint fair.

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