September 5, 2002

F@%&ing rain! (Why I love my readers)

So I come out of my Biology lab and I find myself in the middle of a monsoon.

I try to decide if it would be better to stay in the building and wait out the rain or try to make a run for the bus stop, which is like a couple of blocks away.

It's already 4:30 and I'm tired and hungry, so I decide against waiting and make my way towards the bus stop.

I make it to the bus stop (in soaking wet shorts and t-shirt, I swear it was nice when I entered the building) and get on the bus.

Of course, there isn't a bus that goes directly to my dorm from where I was, so I have to take a little ride and then get off this bus and wait for another one.

I could on and on, but I think you get the picture.

I am extremely wet, my shoes are about 82% water, my socks are drenched and worst of all, my backpack and all the books and notebooks inside of it are damp.

I can't wait until tomorrow, when my $100 Biology book is nice and warped!

At least I still have my readers...

If you read yesterday's entry you may remember me talking about the Giants acquisition of Bill Mueller.

I casually remarked that "Mueller (pronounced Miller, strangely enough) is a solid major league player."

And last night I got the following email:

Bill Mueller's name should actually sound pretty similar to "Miller"; round

your lips when you say the "i" and say it for a little longer than normal,

and you get the German word, Müller with an umlaut over the u, or Mueller

when brought into a language with no umlauts. (like Hermann Goering, aka

Göring with an umlaut). "Myoo-ler" shouldn't be right at all. Same thing

with Ferris Bueller...well let's see, quick Google search...yes, there's a

lot of Germans named Büller.

Most Americans named Miller are actually descended from Germans named

Mueller. Very few British people are named Miller, since at the time that

people started acquiring last names, millers were sort of viewed as people

who would cheat you. Like being named Landlord today. I don't know how a

miller would cheat someone. Maybe it's hard to tell if he did a good job

with the milling until you actually bake the bread, and then it's too

late. Lousy half-assed millers. Screw them.

Good job on the website, it's one of my favorites

Michael Davies

And that my friends, is why I love to get emails from readers.

Thanks for the info Michael, you are now my official language correspondent.

I'm gonna go dry off now...

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