September 19, 2002

Around the Majors

The Twins are putting a whooping on the Tigers, leading 9-0 after a half an inning (!?!?!), so with my interest in the game fading, I thought I would take a look around baseball and see what catches my eye...

California baseball...

The A's defeated the Angels 5-3 this afternoon, taking a 1 game lead in the AL West divisional race.

Almost as importantly, they took the season series (which was tied coming into today's game) and thus have the tie-breaker over the Angels.

Oakland's chances of winning the division increase even more when you consider their remaining schedule.

They play the Rangers 6 more times and the Mariners 3 more times, as opposed to the Angels, who play the Mariners 6 more times and the Rangers 3 times.

Which is a long way of saying that it is looking very likely that what I feared all along will be happening, the Twins will have to face the A's in round 1 of the playoffs.

Take a f@%#ing walk...

Alfonso Soriano continues to defy the laws of reason, having drawn only 19 walks in just over 690 plate appearances this season.

That is pretty amazing, but it might have some competition from this stat:

Alfonso Soriano has not drawn a walk since August 20th!

That's right, in the last 27 games he has zero walks.

Since his last walk:

116 At Bats

38 Hits

9 Home Runs

6 Doubles

.328 Batting Average

.612 Slugging Percentage

24 Runs Scored

21 Runs Batted In

7 Stolen Bases

24 Strike Outs

0 Walks


Speaking of Yankees....

Does anyone else think that Yankees' rookie outfielder Juan Rivera looks a little too much like former Yankee Luis Sojo?

Not so much facially (thank god for Rivera!) but they are almost identical as far as body goes (which isn't the greatest news for Rivera either).

Big, thick legs and what appears to be a bit of a pot belly.

And, like Sojo, Rivera apparently prefers an extremely baggy jersey, which could either be why it looks like he has a pot belly or him trying to cover it up.

And finally...

This is a topic that is completely unrelated to the world of baseball, but I felt as though I needed to share it with my loyal audience.

This weekend the University of Florida plays the University of Tennessee is a sport called football (if you haven't checked it out yet, it isn't bad...although it's no baseball).

I am told that people in Las Vegas are somehow able to gamble on such an event, and there is something called a point spread?

As you can tell, I have no knowledge of gambling or point spreads or anything of the sort.


Strictly for entertainment purposes only, of course.

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