September 26, 2002

Ding! Ding! Ding!

This site went over the 5,000 visitor mark today! (The counter is at the very bottom of the page)

Not bad for a site that has been up and running for less than 2 months.

Thanks to everyone who has stopped by for a look (and hopefully bookmarked the page) and a special thanks to everyone who has recommended the site to someone else.

Also, thanks to everyone who has emailed me, I really enjoy them and I always answer each one (usually with a long, rambling email of my own).

I always love to get comments, questions and suggestions from my readers.

So thanks to everyone who has visited the site and please continue to do so.

And if you know any baseball fans (particularly any that are interested in paying me money to write stuff!) let them know about the site.

Also, the off-season is quickly approaching, which means a lot less baseball related news items for me to blab about, so...

I am looking to do a weekly "mailbag" entry, where I post questions and comments from readers (that would be YOU!) and respond to them.

So, if you have something good to say (or even something mediocre) send me an email at and if you're lucky you might get your name mentioned on a real, live website (well, sort of).

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