October 16, 2002

Reason #1 why 4.4% of people are complete idiots

I saw the following poll question on ESPN.com yesterday:

"Which is the best player to never win a World Series?"

a) Barry Bonds

b) Ted Williams

c) Ty Cobb

d) Ernie Banks

When I saw it, 43,046 people had voted and here are the results:

Ted Williams 62.7%

Barry Bonds 16.8%

Ty Cobb 16.0%

Ernie Banks 4.4%

That's right, 4.4% of the 43,000+ people that voted think that Ernie Banks was a better player than Ted Williams, Barry Bonds and Ty Cobb.

Sometimes I fear for the future of the planet.

PS - Sorry for the lack of a bigger, better entry today.

I am smack dab in the middle of writing a gigantic, in-depth article about the future of the Minnesota Twins (ON THE FIELD! no stadium/contraction crap).

Want a quick preview of the article?

Okay, here goes...

Tom Prince does NOT figure prominently in my proposed long term plan for the Twins.

That'll keep you interested until I am done!

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