October 17, 2002

Big News

Part 1 of that (much anticipated) in-depth Twins article that I told you all about is now finished and available for consumption.

A couple of things before I point you in the article's direction...

The article will not appear on this blog (at least not in its entirety).

Much to my own amazement, the good people over at BaseballPrimer.com asked if I would be interesting in posting the article on their website.

I, of course, said yes.

Which means, I am now officially a Baseball Primer author.

It is really pretty exciting (to me anyway).

I assure you all that nothing will change as far as this blog goes.

I will still be writing entries every day about the same stuff I have always written about.

Plus, every once in a while, you will be able to read an article or two of mine on a different website.

It is a great chance for me to be involved with the best baseball website around and also a great way for me to get more people coming to this site.

Okay, now about the article...

In it, I take a look at the Minnesota Twins, position-by-position, and discuss what I think their short and long term plans should be.

For example, should Doug Mientkiewicz be their first baseman for the forseeable future or do they have other, better options?

What should be done about their current logjam of corner outfielders?

Which players, if any, should they be looking to sign to long term contracts and which players should they be looking to trade?

What good minor league prospects do the Twins have on the horizon and what are their futures with the Twins?

Anyway, I think it is a good article.

So, please go and check it out (click on the underlined link below):

The Minnesota Twins: A Plan for the Future (by Aaron Gleeman)

Part 2 should be ready sometime this weekend and I will let everyone know when and where to get that.

Also, I am working on my preview and prediction article for the World Series, which should be done and posted on here within the next day or so.

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