October 23, 2002

The Fat Lady is warming up...

As much as I hate to say it (I am a Giants fan and I picked them to win the series), I think this series is over and the Anaheim Angels are the going to be the World Champions.

They took a 2-1 lead tonight, after once again scoring in double digits, beating the Giants 10-4.

They face Kirk Rueter tomorrow and I don't think he will make it out of the 3rd inning.

So, that'll make it 3-1 and I just don't see the Giants winning 3 in a row.

Tonight's game was such a non-competitive game that it ruined a planned Baseball Primer article!

I was in an online chat with about 10-12 other guys and the transcript of the chat was supposed to be posted as an article on BaseballPrimer.com (similar to this one from the NLCS).

But, by about the 4th inning, the baseball conversation in regard to the actual game we were all watching had been completely ruined.

We started talking about the relative value of a great defensive first baseman (not that great).

After that, we moved on to discussing the all-time great seasons by relief pitchers (there are tons).

Then we started discussing Kirby Puckett's current troubles (still baseball related chat, but just barely).

After Kirby, the conversation moved to college football and specifically the biggest stadiums (now we are officially done discussing baseball alltogether).

Then we started discussing various things in relation to my major here at the U of Minnesota (now we are completely done with anything sports related; it is journalism by the way)

At some point we started discussing Jennifer Aniston's butt (extremely great, although some people in the room were not all that impressed by the picture I supplied).

And finally, with the game most likely not even on the television sets of most of the room members, the subject of Atheism was brought up and discussed in some depth.

I guess even the most hardcore baseball geeks lose interest in a blowout game at some point.

So, to all the women that say they always wonder what guys think about...that's basically it: baseball, football, college majors, Jennifer Aniston's butt and religion (and in that order, apparently).


This has absolutely nothing to do with baseball, but it is just too good not to post for you all to see.

I live in a dorm at the University of Minnesota.

My floor has a student "Community Advisor" that lives on the floor and sort of runs things.

Here is the exact, word-for-word bulletin/note that he posted inside of the men's bathroom yesterday (I stole one of the many copies of this bulletin, so as to accurately reproduce it for my audience):



Please respect this floor as I respect you and your room

1) Flush the toilet when you are done using it! The floor would appreciate not looking at others feces before they use the toilet.

2) Do not leave trash in the hallway or bathroom. There are multiple disposal areas on the floor designated for garbage and the hallway and drinking fountain are not on the list.

3) Do not dispose of food in the sinks or drinking fountain Dump unfinished food in the garbage or flush it down the toilet.

If you gentlemen do not abide by these three requests I will begin documenting and directing attention toward things that I am sure you would like to keep to yourselves.

One person can ruin it for the entire floor.

Thank you to everyone that has respected these already, please continue to make this is a pleasant environment to live in.

If there are questions please come talk to me.



Yep, that's dorm life for ya.

Feces in unflushed toilets.

Trash in the hallways.

Old food in the drinking fountains.

Threats of revealing things that "you would like to keep to yourselves." (read: sex, drugs and rock & roll)

And a Community Advisor that suggests flushing unfinished food "down the toilet."

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