November 8, 2002

Again with the articles?

Ladies, gentlemen and children of all ages...I would like to direct your attention to something new, exciting and wonderful...

Yes, that's newest article for is published and available for everyone to read!

To become a part of this exciting new development, all you have to do is click on this:

The article is titled: Top 40 Prospects: A Year In Review.

In it, I compile a consensus list of the top 40 prospects in baseball by combining the lists of 6 of the top minor league sources around.

Then, I take a look back at how the 2002 season treated each of the players on the list (injuries, trades, bad performance, good performance, etc) and decide whether or not their "stock" went up, down or stayed the same.

Please head over to Baseball Primer and check out my newest article.

Print off a few copies of it and give it to everyone in your office, put one in your kid's lunch box or go door-to-door in the your neighborhood and hand them out.

Or, just click on the link to the article that I provided and read it off the computer screen in the privacy of your own office/cubicle/room.

I am told my articles make wonderful reading material for the bathroom and when you're done you can use it to...nevermind.

As always, feel free to let me know what you think about the article by sending an email to:

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