December 10, 2002

Enough with the Hall-of-Fame!

First of all, thanks to everyone that sent me emails regarding my Hall-of-Fame article.

It was by far the most response I have gotten from something I wrote on this blog and I really enjoyed it.

Also, I want to thank all the other bloggers that were kind enough to give me a plug for the article on their site.

And, I can't forget to thank my buddy Joe Dimino over at, who posted the article as a "Clutch Hit," leading to the most visitors this site has ever seen in one day!

But, now it is enough with the Hall-of-Fame stuff!

Let's get back to business and talk about what is happening in baseball right now...

For Cubs fans and anyone interested in minor league prospects, I suggest heading over to "Bryan's Baseball Banter" to check out his in-depth and excellent look at the Chicago Cubs' top 30 prospects.

Bryan really knows his stuff and he does a great job over there.

Stop by and tell him I sent ya...

The always awesome John Bonnes at posted the first of an upcoming series of interviews with actual Twins employees.

This part is an interview with Patrick Klinger, the Twins VP of Marketing.

I am completely amazed that John had enough "pull" to get actual interviews with real Twins, the interview is pretty good too!

Over at John Perricone's world famous "Only Baseball Matters" he has an ongoing discussion about the various Pete Rose related stuff that is in the news right now.

As I said before, I generally try to stay aware from all Pete Rose discussion, but John's writing is always great and he has a real interest in the Rose saga (and the patience to talk about it, which I lack completely).

Mr. Futility Infielder, Jay Jaffe, has a an absolutely spectacular, in-depth, mult-part look at the future of his favorite team, the New York Yankees.

Jay breaks it down position-by-position and has excellent analysis and discussion all around.

And last, but certainly not least, is a brand spanking new baseball blog that I am really enjoying.

"The Dump's Sportsblog" is run by Matt, Peter and Dan and it has daily commentary on signings, trades and all kinds of baseball stuff.

Plus, they actually asked me (me?!) for advice on how to start up the you've gotta love that!

Check back tomorrow...

I'll try to get caught up with all the recent wheeling and dealing.

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