January 20, 2003

Back to school

Today is my first day of classes for the second semester.

Whenever I come back from any sort of vacation from school, whether it is a week or a month (like I just had) I inevitably get depressed.

It isn't so much that I dislike school, as much as I just really like sitting around my house with my dog, watching TV, messing around on the computer and basically doing absolutely nothing of any value.

Now, I am back at the dorm.

Instead of lounging around my house, I am sitting in a 10x12 room.

Instead of hanging out with my dog, I am hanging out with a bunch of guys that have to be told to not leave food in the hallways and to flush the toilet.

I am still watching TV, but the set is about 30 inches smaller.

And I already told you about my computer problems.

All that and I haven't even touched on the fact that I now have to wake up at a reasonable hour every day and attend classes and do homework at night!

I really want to write about baseball for a living when I "grow up," but if that doesn't work out, I am perfectly happy living the life of someone that is independently wealthy.

I believe my true calling in life is to wake up around noon, sit around a house with a dog and a big TV and do absolutely nothing all day long and then eat Chinese food at night.

Anyway, as you can probably tell from my ramblings, I am not in a great mood.

Plus, there isn't much going on in the baseball world and I am on a computer that I don't like, so didn't write an article for today.

Please forgive me.

In the meantime, check out what I wrote about Torii Hunter yesterday or take a stroll through the archives.

I'll be back tomorrow to tell you all about my first day of school!

By the way, this site went over the 25,000 visitor mark yesterday.


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