January 26, 2003

Super Bowl

In case anyone is interested, here are the bets I placed (HYPOTHETICALLY) on the Super Bowl:

Oakland Raiders MINUS 3.5 points.

Total points scored OVER 43.5.

Rich Gannon passing yards OVER 250.5.

Brad Johnson passing yards OVER 230.5.

Longest interception return UNDER 24.5 yards.

Overtime? YES.

Total receiving yards by both teams combined OVER 490.5.

Score in last 2 minutes of 1st half? NO.

Mike Alstott and Michael Pittman combined rushing yards UNDER 85.5.

My thoughts...

Basically, I think it will be a very close game, with the Raiders pulling it out at the end.

I am actually not very confident in the Raiders winning by more than 3.5, but I wanted to bet on the point spread, so I took them.

I think the game will feature a lot of passing by both teams and quite a few points scored.

I did the OT bet because it was 7-1 odds.

So, let's say I bet $10 on it...if the game goes to OT I would win $70.

And since I think it'll be a close game, I figured what the heck.

Basically, I am rooting for lots of passes, lots of points and a Raiders win (in overtime!).

Of course, with my luck, it'll be a 7-0 Tampa Bay win where both teams decide they want to try to play an entire game without throwing the ball.

Enjoy the game.

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