March 10, 2003

Calling in sick

One of the things I pride myself on regarding this website is the fact that I consistantly provide a new entry every weekday. Sometimes I can't come up with a topic that inspires me, sometimes I am busy doing other stuff and sometimes I just don't feel like writing, but I make a major effort to churn out new material (and hopefully quality material) every day.

That said, I am going to use a "sick day" today and skip writing a long column.

Sometime around Sunday afternoon I got deathly ill (okay, maybe not deathly, but really sick!). I'll spare you the details, but suffice it to say that it is a food poisoning/flu type of sickness (use your imagination), although I am pretty sure I didn't eat anything out of the ordinary recently.

So anyway, it is now Tuesday and it hasn't gone away and, in fact, it is worse than it was on Sunday. But do you wanna know the worst part about it? The fact that it is not going away and is actually gettting worse is the good news.

The bad news is that this week is mid-term week here at the U of M. I had one yesterday, despite the fact that I spent most of Sunday afternoon/night and Monday morning before other things.

I think I did okay on the mid-term, but the one I am worried about is my "Media Ethics" mid-term on Thursday. My plan was to study really really hard all week leading up to the test, but now the only things my body seems interested in doing are sleeping other things.

So I am stressed out, dehydrated, tired and suddenly very familiar with the bathroom here at the dorm.

(A side note about the bathroom: Apparently someone (not me!) threw up in the hallway and on the bathroom floor here Saturday night. Now, I am a pretty easy going guy and it takes a lot to piss me off, but when I wake up on Sunday morning and I am not feeling particularly good and I go to the bathroom and find myself stepping in large amounts of vomit, I get very upset. And it wasn't just a little bit of vomit, it looked as if a whole team of pukers got together and did their thing in the men's bathroom. And no one bothered to clean it up or tell a janitor about it. They just threw up all over the floor (and on the carpeted hallway) and left it for others to find. So I went to the bathroom Sunday morning and...well, my sandals and the bottoms of my sweatpants have seen better days. Absolutely disgusting, particularly because I am now spending an awful lot of time in that same bathroom)

Some days I enjoy living in the dorm. Some days (like when people puke in the bathroom) I long for the days of living at home, sharing a bathroom with only one person (that has outstanding personal hygiene) and getting fed chicken noodle soup when I'm sick.

I am hoping what I have is a "24 hour bug" (despite the fact that it is already more than 24 hours, but who's counting...), in which case I will be back to posting new and exciting baseball entries tomorrow.

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