March 18, 2003

Ashley and the ChiSox

You know why I love my readers? Yesterday I posted two wonderful pictures of Ashley Judd and no less than 10 different people emailed me with other wonderful pictures of Ashley Judd. It is sort of like posting pictures of hundred-dollar bills and having people send you thousands of dollars (which, incidentally, you guys are free to do also).

Anyway, today for your reading enjoyment I have something very special. Over at the writers have put together "Team Previews" for each and every Major League Baseball team. We are running one per day and we started with the Brewers on March 2nd and will end with the World Champion Angels right before the season starts.

Today's preview is none other than the Chicago White Sox (which may be of great interest to you Twins fans) and it is written by none other than Yours Truly!

If you are a White Sox fan, go check it out. If you are a Twins fan, go check it out. And if you don't really care about either of those teams, check it out anyway because I think it is a really entertaining article (and it is written by me and, if you are here reading this, you must at least occasionally like my writing, right?).

Looking Forward to 2003: Chicago White Sox (by Aaron Gleeman)

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