May 7, 2003

Somebody pray for me

I am gonna keep this short and sweet. I have 2 finals today and a third class in which a "Final Paper" is due. As you can probably guess, I am wayyyyyyyy stressed out and about ready to concede failure on at least one of the finals.

So, if you've got something you pray to or a lucky something you rub, I'd appreciate you praying to it and rubbing it for me. Trust me when I say this: I need all the help I can get.

Assuming I make it through today, I will be back tomorrow with a new entry.

In the meantime, if you haven't already, you might want to check out my entry from yesterday:

Beat 'em like they stole something (Part Two)

Or, if you're sick of what I have to say, go check out "The Southpaw." It's a relatively new blog that hasn't yet started to get a ton of traffic. Right now it is sort of like one of the "hole in the wall" restaurants that you like going to, because no one else really knows about it. I think it would be fun to flood the site with some traffic today, so head over to...

The Southpaw

Today's picks:

Houston (Redding) -150 over Pittsburgh (Suppan)

San Francisco (Ainsworth) -120 over Florida (Penny)

San Diego (Lawrence) +135 over Montreal (Ohka)

Toronto (Lidle) -110 over Texas (Drese)

Baltimore (Helling) +130 over Kansas City (Asencio)

New York (Wells) -105 over Seattle (Garcia)

Total to date: + $1,005

W/L record: 67-65 (5-3 yesterday for +205, with one rainout)

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