June 15, 2003

"Cause you're so smooth"

(This entry was originally made on Saturday, but, through the magic of blogger, it was accidentally deleted and re-posted)

Johan "The Official Pitcher of Aaron's Baseball Blog" Santana made his third start of the season last night, in place of the injured Rick Reed.

Johan's three starts:

Game              IP     ER     H     SO     BB     W/L

vs Boston 5.0 0 4 3 1 W
@ San Diego 6.0 1 3 7 1 W
vs Arizona 7.0 1 2 7 1 W
TOTAL (3) 18.0 2 9 17 3 3-0

And now? Well, it's back to the bullpen, of course!

Rick Reed is coming back off the DL and will be taking his spot in the rotation back anyday now.

Johan is now 3-0 with a 1.00 ERA in 3 games as a starter, 1-1 with a 3.06 ERA in 18 games as a reliever and 4-1 with a 2.32 ERA in 50 1/3 innings overall. Meanwhile, Kyle Lohse has a 2.91 ERA and the other 4 Minnesota starters look like this:

Rick Reed           4.37 ERA

Kenny Rogers 4.67 ERA
Joe Mays 5.21 ERA
Brad Radke 5.61 ERA

I think y'all know the drill by now, so let's all say it once together with some feeling: FREE JOHAN SANTANA!

Oh, and do you remember that Justin Morneau kid that I was talking about the other day?

The Justin Morneau Era (through 3 games):

G     AB      AVG      OBP      SLG     RBI     RUN

3 11 .545 .583 .545 2 2

Have a good weekend and, to all the fathers out there (including mine): Happy Father's Day.

See ya Monday...

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Today's picks:

Chicago (Prior) -150 over Toronto (Davis)

Pittsburgh (Fogg) -125 over Tampa Bay (Bell)

Philadelphia (Wolf) -130 over Cincinnati (Graves)

Arizona (Batista) +130 over Minnesota (Mays)

San Diego (Lawrence) +120 over Chicago (Wright)

Total to date: + $1,240

W/L record: 130-127 (1-2 yesterday for -140)

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