June 29, 2003

Aaron: I think I want Kinney back now please.

Al: What, to pitch in important long relief situations?

Aaron: Wow, Mienktiewicz is at third base!

Al: 2B, Gardy, 2B.


Aaron: God, this is depressing.


Al: OK, now I can feel your pain.

Aaron: An extra three feet and Mohr catches both of those!


Aaron: Wow, Mohr must have a bulls-eye on him or something.

Al: I can't believe the empty "box" seats down the LF line. Those were always full when we attended last year.

Aaron: Well, some people may have left at 9-1 or 10-1 or 11-1 or something.

Al: Mohr looks like crap tonight in the field, that's for sure.

Al: You gotta wonder if the pitcher is tipping his pitches. They are swinging from their heels.

Aaron: I just saw this graphic: Of MN's 20 home losses, 14 have been by 4+ runs.

Aaron: I honestly think that might have an impact on attendance to some degree.

Al: What I wouldn't give to have your "benchwarmers" - LeCroy and Kielty.

Aaron: I'll trade them to you for Kinney and your stadium, deal?

Al: You plan to close I-94 and hitch the stadium to a trailer?

Aaron: Yes, that was my plan.

Al: Sounds like the Russian idea of landing on the sun after the US beat them to the moon. To beat the heat, they were going to land at night.

Al: Good thing this game's almost over, I'm running out of material.

Aaron: I ran out awhile ago. I'm only good when my team is doing the butt-kicking.

Al: Understood.

Aaron: And we were playing the Brewers, so I thought I could break out my good material!

Al: Kinney may get a CG.

Aaron: 108 pitches going into the 9th, might as well.

Al: I'd yank him.

Aaron: We'll be hacking, it'll be over soon.


Al: 110's plenty.

Aaron: Foster is warmed up.

Al: What do you think of Lew Ford?

Aaron: I like him, yet another good player who can't play the middle-infield.

Al: He's a good fundamental guy, like Pods.

Al: Still have Restovich and Cuddyer in AAA right? And Cuddyer is learning 2B.

Aaron: Yep, Cuddyer's injured right now, but he had been playing all over in AAA.


Aaron: Well that was fun, but depressing. I bet that felt good for Kinney to beat his old team.

Al: You'll probably win the next two. I'm sure Matt is a happy man.

Aaron: I'm now 0-2 on chats.

Al: Best of luck over the weekend and in the coming months.

Aaron: You too...thanks for doing this.


Milwaukee 13

Minnesota 1

W: Kinney (6-6)

L: Lohse (6-6)

HR: Vander Wal (8), Sexson (22), Kieschnick (4), Perez (8)


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Today's picks:

Atlanta (Maddux) -130 over Florida (Redman)

Chicago (Garland) -120 over Minnesota (Mays)

Total to date: + $2,135

W/L record: 158-148 (4-4 on Friday for +70.)

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