June 29, 2003

Chatting through the pain

On Friday night, the Milwaukee Brewers and Minnesota Twins played the first game of their three game series at the Metrodome.

I watched the game and chatted with Al Bethke, a Brewers fan who runs "Al's Ramblings" - one of the best baseball blogs around.



Aaron: I'm watching the Red Sox through the beauty of DirecTV. They scored 10 runs in the first inning without making an out!

Al: I love Boston, Theo has built his team just like I would if I had $90 million to spend. Who they playin' tonight?

Aaron: Florida. Already on their 3rd pitcher and they have recorded 2 outs.

Al: 3rd pitcher? Did one get hurt?

Aaron: Nope.

Al: At some point, you have to admit you're beat and let someone take a beating.

Aaron: Okay, so how do I save the transcript of this chat?

Al: That I don't know.

Aaron: Hmmm...

Al: Did you do the other chat in this room?

Aaron: Yeah, but I wasn't in charge!

Al: I can barely turn on the computer if my wife isn't here.

Aaron: I think I have it set up.

Al: Matt Kinney gets another chance to face his former 'mates.

Aaron: Yeah, he pitched okay last time against the Twins, although they got some runs off him.

Al: Did you see the matchups for the rest of the series? Our pitchers that is?

Aaron: No, I haven't looked.

Al: Saturday, Dave Burba (yes, the one who fought in the second World War) is in town, though he hasn't been added to the roster yet.

Al: Sunday, we have Matt Ford going, who is a Rule 5 lefty. He has pitched very well, but he was in the Florida State League last year. First start.

Aaron: Good, we'll welcome them both into the rotation....

Al: I knew that would upset you.


Al: So, most of us Brewers fans think Eric Young would be a perfect fit for the Twins.

Al: Free agent after the season, better than Luis Rivas.

Aaron: Ugh. As much as I hate Rivas, I'm not a big Young fan either.

Al: I'm not either, but he could win you a game at some point. For you guys, one win could mean it all.

Aaron: I have always thought Young was pretty bad defensively.

Al: Yes, he's awful in the field, one of the worst second basemen in MLB, bottom 5 for sure.

Aaron: Rivas has been getting a lot of heat from the media and from Gardenhire lately, so maybe they'll do something.

Aaron: I'd rather have Mark Loretta, whom I am sure you are familiar with.

Al: Loretta would be a great guy for you. Rumor has it he's headed for St. Louis.

Aaron: Yeah, I bet a lot of teams have called San Diego about him.

Aaron: I just saw this graphic: "Lohse vs Brewers: 1-1, 9.53 ERA."


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