July 3, 2003

All written up and no place to go

Despite what you may have heard, sometimes BaseballPrimer.com is not quite a fine-tuned machine, running on all cylinders, all the time. Most of the time? Yes. All of the time? No.

Since the start of this season, I have been writing the "Bi-Weekly Review" of the American League Central for Baseball Primer every 2 weeks. So far, I have written 5 of them, which you can read by going to my "author" page.

Anyway, my 6th edition was supposed to be published this week. However, last week I talked to one of the "higher ups" over at Baseball Primer (who will remain nameless) and he told me that he was looking into finding another author interested in writing about the AL Central, so that we could split the duties, in which case I would need to write an article every month, instead of every 2 weeks.

He told me - and this is about as close to a direct quote as I can get - "I think I have someone interested, but if you don't hear from me, plan on having it turned in by Wednesday." Well, for those of you without calendars, Wednesday was two days ago and I had not heard from this person. Let's call him Chris...no wait...let's call him Mr. Dial...no, that's no good either. Okay, let's call him C.D.

Anyway, I had not heard from C.D. and it was Tuesday night, so I began writing my article. I worked on it a little Tuesday night and then woke up Wednesday morning (read: afternoon) and finished it. It was very lengthy and I felt like I did a very nice job on it. So, I sent it to my editor over at Primer, so it could be posted on Thursday.

Then, Wednesday night, the editor (let's call him D.S.) contacted me to let me know that another author was writing this week's (or bi-week's) edition of the AL Central Review. He wanted to know why I wrote it too, since he thought I had known that I was "off the hook" for this edition. I informed him that, according to C.D. (who is sort of coordinating all of this stuff, or at least is supposed to be), I was to go on as if nothing were different if I didn't hear from him and, in fact, I did not hear from him.

So D.S. asks me what I want to do about this. And, being the great humanitarian and all-around nice guy that I am, I told him to print the article by the other guy and not to worry about mine. He agreed to do that and the 6th edition of the "Bi-Weekly Review: AL Central" was published on Baseball Primer yesterday.

Now, the problem for me is that I have this 4,421 word article that I spent parts of two days writing and I have nowhere to put it. But then I thought about it and realized, I do have somewhere to put it! Apparently, I have my very own website devoted to baseball. Who knew?

So, without further ado, I present to you...

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