August 12, 2003

Interview with a sports editor

For the first time in a long time, today's entry is not "Gleeman-length." The reason for the lack of content is that I have a "job interview" scheduled for noon today. I get incredibly nervous for things like job interviews and, when I get nervous, I have a hard time shifting my attention to other things, such as producing a good blog entry for you to enjoy.

Assuming I make it through the interview alive, I will be back tomorrow with a normal, lengthy entry. Heck, it might even be "super-sized" if I have any interesting tidbits from my experience to share with you (which you know I will).

In the meantime, take a stroll through the many great links on the left side of this page or, if you are really in the mood to read something written by me, take a look through the blog archives (also on the left side of this page), or go check out my numerous articles over at Baseball Primer.

And, if you missed Monday and Tuesday's entries, I suppose now would be a convenient time to catch up, right?:

Monday: 0% baseball, 100% babble

Tuesday: Hey Joe

Thanks for stopping by today, sorry for the lack of content, and please wish me luck! I'll see you tomorrow.

Link of the Day:

I just finished reading Sport by Mick Cochrane. I'd never heard of the book, but I got a free copy in the mail and I ended up really enjoying it. It's a fictional story (or at least semi-fictional) about a boy and his troubled family, with some baseball mixed in. Of course, it probably increased my enjoyment of the book that the story was set in St. Paul, Minnesota (where I grew up) and featured tons of locations and other stuff that I "recognized." If you've got $10 that you can spare, it's definitely worth ordering. Plus, I get 52 cents in commission for each book I sell via that link!

Today's picks:

Milwaukee (Sheets) +170 over Philadelphia (Millwood)

Cleveland (Davis) +180 over Minnesota (Santana)

Total to date: + 1,375

W/L record: 201-204 (1-1 yesterday for +60.)

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