March 19, 2004

Weekend Reading

Not much of an entry today. Sorry. I'm not quite sure what's going to happen with this blog in the near future because of my involvement at The Hardball Times. I suspect I will keep doing entries here, but they may be a little less frequent and a little less Gleeman-Length. Time will tell, I guess.

For now, I have a brand new article up over at The Hardball Times. Click on the following link and just imagine you are reading it here, and it's basically no different than what you've been doing for months now, right?

6/$66 (by Aaron Gleeman)

It's a look at Eric Chavez and the new $66 million contract he just signed with the A's.

Also, here are my THT articles from earlier in the week, if you're looking for some weekend reading:

The Top 50 Prospects of 2004 (1-25)

The Top 50 Prospects of 2004 (26-50)

The Top 50 Prospects of 2004 (Notes)

Beyond the stuff I've written, there are also a ton of great articles by the other THT authors, which you can check out by clicking here.

And then, if you're looking for even more stuff to read in-between basketball games this weekend, you can check out my blog entries from earlier in the week.

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Thursday: NCAA Picks

Incidentally, I started yesterday a perfect 8/8 on my NCAA tourney picks, nailing the Manhattan over Florida upset along the way. Sadly, that quickly went downhill during the night games. I finished the day 13-3, which sounds good, until you realize I had Michigan State in my Elite Eight. Just a friendly reminder, kids, the Big Ten stinks this year and me attending a Big Ten school apparently can't change that.

Also, I hope everyone noticed what Syracuse guard Gerry McNamara did yesterday. As I've said here before, I'm a big believer in judging a basketball player not by how many points he scores, but his efficiency scoring them. In other words, scoring 20 points per game isn't all that great if you need 20 shots to do so.

Well, McNamara went nuts yesterday. He took 17 shots and scored 43 points. No, that's not a misprint. He went 9-13 on three-pointers and 12-16 from the foul line. That's just sick. Think about that the next time Allen Iverson goes 8-23 and scores 20 points.

Have a good weekend!

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