March 22, 2004

How are those brackets looking?

Is everyone's bracket looking as screwed up as mine?

Every year, I fill out my NCAA tourney bracket and think, "you know, this looks pretty good." And then, sure enough, by the end of the opening weekend, the whole thing is useless and I feel like a moron.

There are people who watch more college basketball than I do, but I watch a ton. And yet, aside from the easy opening-round matchups, I barely do better than someone flipping a coin. It's really maddening. Of course, this time next year, I'll be saying the exact same thing, after flushing more money down the toilet that is NCAA office pools.

While you try to think about what warning signs there were that the Sweet Sixteen would include UAB, Alabama, Nevada and Xavier, but not Kentucky, Stanford, Gonzaga and Mississippi State, make sure to check out my latest article at The Hardball Times...

News, Notes and Quotes (March 22, 2004)

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