April 13, 2004

Trouble at THT

Some of you may have noticed that The Hardball Times is "down." If you go there, you'll get a little message saying, "The Hardball Times is currently experiencing technical difficulties. We'll be back up and running shortly. Sorry for the inconvenience, and check back with us later."

A couple things...

1) I hate computers. They lull you into a comfort zone by working perfectly for a while, but just when you start to count on them, they let you down.

2) We're having a little trouble recovering our articles from Monday and Tuesday. If anyone saved them on their computer or has the cached page on their browser, could you please e-mail me asap? Thanks.

Other than the website I worked so hard on for months and months crashing totally unannounced yesterday afternoon, it was a perfectly fine Tuesday. The Twins didn't lose any games or any pitchers on waivers, which is great.

Normally, with no article at THT today I would have something nice and lengthy for you here, but, alas, I am so stressed out over the crashing of the site that I basically spent all day staring at my computer screen, exchanging worried IMs with people.

Say a little prayer for our infant website and I'll talk to you tomorrow.

Today's picks:

Atlanta (Thomson) -105 over New York (Yates)

Pittsburgh (Vogelsong) +175 over Chicago (Clement)

San Diego (Wells) -140 over Los Angeles (Ishii)

Total to date: $760

W/L record: 13-11 (1-1 yesterday for 0, with one rainout.)

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