April 20, 2004


That's what Barry Bonds is hitting right now. Seriously. .514/.673/1.378.

I'm not even sure what to say about him. Not only have I probably said everything before, but my words don't even do what he's doing justice. He's more amazing than human language (or at least my abilities with human language) can describe effectively.

I've decided that the #1 thing I want to see this year is for Barry Bonds to hit .400. He's got the slugging percentage record, he's got the home run record, he's got the on-base percentage record, he's got the walks record. Now I want to see him become the first .400 hitter since Ted Williams in 1941.

Assuming he gets about 400 at-bats this year (he had 390 last year and 403 in 2002), Bonds would need to go 141-for-363 (.388) for the rest of the season. It could happen too. As I discussed over at The Hardball Times the other day, Bonds has hit .397 after the All-Star break during the past two seasons.

If we assume for a moment that he will hit .397 in the second-half, like he has over the past two years, that would mean he'd have to hit around .402 in the first-half. Bonds has averaged 244 at-bats in the first-half over the past two years. To hit .402 in 244 at-bats, he'd have to go 79-for-205 (.385) from now until the All-Star break.

Normally I would say that it's extraordinarily unlikely because...well, it is. But we are talking about Barry Bonds here.

New article at The Hardball Times: Slow Starts

Today's picks:

Arizona (Johnson) -160 over Milwaukee (Davis)

Total to date: $675

W/L record: 20-19 (4-1 yesterday for +390 for my best day of the young season.)

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