April 29, 2004

Weekend Reading

Nothing new for you here today. I'm coming down the home stretch for school and I've got a big test tomorrow, plus the Twins didn't play yesterday. However, I do have a whole bunch of good stuff for you to check out over the weekend.

First and foremost, here are my articles from The Hardball Times this week:

-- Remember Him?

-- Old Man Franco

-- Top 50 Prospects: April Checkup (Part One)

-- Top 50 Prospects: April Checkup (Part Two)

And then, of course, if you missed any of the stuff from this blog over the past week or so:

-- There are bad MVP voters in basketball too!

-- 12-6

-- Disaster Averted

-- Reader Mail (Did I Mention Luis Rivas Stinks? Edition)

Then, for those of you who are sick of me, here are some non-Gleeman links to check out:

Batgirl -- The exclusive blog of Batgirl, Minnesota Twins fan. Less stats, more sass

I came across this website last week. It's sort of hard to describe exactly what type of stuff you can find on the site -- although the "less stats, more sass" tagline is very accurate -- but I will say that the author is a female and she's a Twins fan, which is a pretty great combination for a blogger, in my opinion. Plus, she's a very witty, entertaining writer. It has quickly become one of my daily stops. Stop by and say hello.

Steve Silver -- Musings on news, politics, sports, and culture from a not-so-quiet American

A lot of people ask me what blogs I really love to read. I am about as sports obsessed as they come, but everyone who reads this probably knows all about the good sports blogs. Despite my sports obsession, I still occasionally like to read some good non-sports writing and Steve Silver's blog is the only non-sports blog I check more than once a day. In addition to being a great site with musings on a wide-range of topics (sports included), Steve is also from Minnesota. In fact, he and I went to lunch on campus when he was in town a little while ago. Great guy, great blog.

Twins Chatter -- Your source for insightful, thoughtful, and somewhat opinionated Minnesota Twins coverage

Despite the fact that I'd still like to be "your source for insightful, thoughtful, and somewhat opinionated Minnesota Twins coverage," this is a very good new website for all my fellow Twins fans.

The Marshall Plan

Now, this isn't a sports blog or a site that has new content on a daily basis, but it is a blog written by someone in my journalism class. I like it and, like many blogs in the blogosphere, it hasn't lucked into a lot of visitors yet (and trust me, a lot of getting a bunch of readers is luck). So, if you've got a few minutes, go check it out and give my buddy Marshall a little thrill and a bunch of new readers.

Today's picks:

Atlanta (Hampton) +110 over Colorado (Kennedy)

Chicago (Wood) -130 over St. Louis (Williams)

Toronto (Halladay) -120 over Chicago (Buehrle)

Boston (Arroyo) -120 over Texas (Drese)

Anaheim (Ortiz) +110 over Minnesota (Silva)

Total to date: $210

W/L record: 28-31 (1-2 yesterday for -105, losing both games by one damn run.)

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