May 9, 2004


One of the coolest things about this whole blogging community is that you never quite know what someone looks like until you actually see them. I can't tell you how many times I've seen a picture of someone I've read or someone I've talked to on the web, only to have their actual looks completely differ from the mental picture I had of them.

It's actually kind of fascinating to me. Why do you picture someone a certain way when you've never seen them and never even seen them described physically? I know personally, my mental image of someone ends up being even remotely close to what they actually look like maybe 10% of the time.

Anyway, I saw a picture of one of my favorite bloggers, Alex Belth, for the first time over the weekend. Another of my favorites, Jay Jaffe, is also in the picture, but it is Belth's mugshot that I want to discuss here.

You see, it struck me almost immediately that Alex is a dead-ringer for one of the most talented performers in entertainment history. Take a look for yourself...

Okay, now you tell me...which one of those guys is one of the best bloggers around, and which one staples his testicles to his leg and stun guns himself until he passes out? (And no, that's not a trick question.)

That's right, Alex Belth and Steve-O, separated at birth.

Sadly, Jay Jaffe bears little resemblance to Johnny Knoxville. I did, however, hear (okay, start) a rumor that Alex Ciepley (the man behind the camera) is a Bam Margera look-alike.

New article at The Hardball Times: Three Games In May

Today's picks:

New York (Baldwin) +145 over Arizona (Daigle)

Toronto (Hentgen) +110 over Kansas City (Anderson)

Total to date: -$580

W/L record: 36-49 (2-3 on Friday for -75. I can't buy a winning day at this point.)

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