May 19, 2004

"Why Kevin Garnett will lose Game 7"

That was the headline on's Page 2 yesterday.

"Why Kevin Garnett will lose Game 7."

So here's what he did:

MIN     PTS     REB     AST     BLK     STL

46 32 21 2 5 4

32 points. 21 rebounds. 5 blocks. 4 steals. 2 assists.

He played in the post, he played point guard, he hit a 3-pointer as the shot clock ran down in the closing minutes of the fourth quarter, he blocked five layups, including one in the final minute, and he cleaned the glass like he always does.

In the final 21 minutes of the game, the Wolves scored 36 points -- Garnett had 23 of them. He scored nine straight points for Minnesota in the third quarter and then put 14 in during the fourth. He shot 12-for-23 (52%) for the game.

Page 2 isn't exactly home to the most brilliant sports analysis and opinion in the world (though they are home to the best sports columnist in the world), but hopefully this will shut up all the anti-Garnett silliness (here, here and here) of the past week or so.

The idea that each and every important game is somehow going to determine a player's legacy is ridiculous, but if the Wolves somehow manage to stretch the Lakers to six or seven games, we'll be seeing the exact same stuff about Garnett needing to "prove" himself. He'll throw up a clunker at some point, but it damn sure wasn't last night.

For those of you looking for some Twins-related content, I have a brand new, 100% Twins article up over at The Hardball Times. And it's definitely Gleeman-length.

New article at The Hardball Times: Game Diary: Day Baseball

Today's picks:

St. Louis (Marquis) -120 over New York (Seo)

San Diego (Valdes) -120 over Pittsburgh (Vogelsong)

Detroit (Knotts) +190 over Oakland (Hudson)

Chicago (Loaiza) -135 over Minnesota (Greisinger)

Baltimore (Lopez) +130 over Seattle (Moyer)

Total to date: -$310

W/L record: 51-62 (A perfect 6-0 yesterday for +645. This is what a comeback looks like!)

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