May 25, 2004

Will Blog for Food

I complained about my computer problems yesterday and three of you were kind enough to donate money to me, completely unsolicited. I don't want to sound sappy, but stuff like that always makes me feel great.

It also got me thinking that perhaps, if I begged just a little bit, a few more of you might be willing to donate a little of your hard-earned money to help me get a new computer. I figure it won't take much. For instance, if every person who visited this blog yesterday donated just $1, I'd have a new computer sitting here by next week.

Now, I realize a huge percentage of you are appalled by the idea of giving me your money, and I can't say that I blame you. That said, I know from past experiences that there are many of you who aren't against donating a little cash in exchange for all the free baseball articles you've been reading here for the past couple years.

A blogger who shall remain nameless suggested to me yesterday afternoon that I should "hold my blog for ransom" and tell you that "I won't write anything else until you donate enough for a new laptop." I would, of course, never do that. Still, pumping out quality material here and at The Hardball Times on a regular basis is going to be tough in my current situation, and it'll get even harder when I have to head back to school.

So, here's what I am proposing ... If you've been stopping by here on a regular basis for a long time and you feel like you wouldn't mind donating some money, you can click on the following PayPal link and send some funds my way within seconds.

Like I said, if everyone donated one dollar, I'd be in good shape, so don't feel like I'm asking for millions here. If you've been reading this site for a year and you think it's worth 10% as much as a newspaper subscription, then send me $10. If you think you get a dollar's worth of enjoyment from this blog every month and you've been reading for 15, send $15 my way. If you've been stopping here since the blog's inception (August of 2002) and you think each day is worth about a penny, put yourself down for $6.

If you want to really get charitable and donate by the word, you should know that I've written 820,659 words prior to today. At one cent per word, that works out to $8,206.59, assuming of course you've read every single word. If you have, then perhaps I should be the one paying you. If you think every 1,000 words are worth a nickel, that works out to about $40.

Finally, I know there are those among you who are completely insulted that I would ever ask for money in exchange for what I provide here. The only thing I can say to those of you is sorry. Like I said, I don't blame you, although I sometimes don't understand why you'd get so upset about it. After all, there are plenty of blogs out there asking for and receiving donations all the time, so my begging isn't unique. For other examples, feel free to click here or here or here (just to link a few).

If you think giving a little cash to help fund a new computer is a good idea, do it. If not, don't. I'll say this ... If you guys come up with enough money to help me get a new computer, you won't be hearing me beg for money again any time soon.

So, please, give until it hurts. Or not. Your call.

See ya Monday ...

New article at The Hardball Times: Fighting the Mendoza Line

Wednesday's picks:

San Diego (Eaton) -115 over Colorado (Jennings)

Toronto (Hentgen) +130 over Anaheim (Colon)

Oakland (Redman) +140 over Boston (Lowe)

New York (Mussina) -130 over Baltimore (Lopez)

Cleveland (Sabathia) -120 over Seattle (Moyer)

Tampa Bay (Bell) +110 over Minnesota (Greisinger)

Detroit (Knotts) +130 over Kansas City (May)

Thursday's picks:

Florida (Penny) -120 over Cincinnati (Harang)

Detroit (Robertson) -100 over Kansas City (Anderson)

Toronto (Halladay) -120 over Anaheim (Washburn)

Seattle (Meche) +115 over Cleveland (Westbrook)

Friday's picks:

San Diego (Lawrence) +110 over Milwaukee (Davis)

Arizona (Johnson) -130 over Los Angeles (Alvarez)

Seattle (Piniero) +225 over Boston (Martinez)

Cleveland (Lee) +125 over Oakland (Zito)

Chicago (Garland) -120 over Anaheim (Escobar)

Saturday's picks:

Arizona (Webb) -105 over Los Angeles (Lima)

Minnesota (Santana) -110 over Kansas City (Reyes)

Chicago (Rauch) +105 over Anaheim (Sele)

Detroit (Bonderman) -100 over Baltimore (Cabrera)

Sunday's picks:

Montreal (Ohka) -110 over Cincinnati (Valentine)

San Diego (Valdes) +110 over Milwaukee (Santos)

Atlanta (Ramirez) +120 over Philadelphia (Milton)

Anaheim (Lackey) +140 over Chicago (Schoeneweis)

Seattle (Franklin) +260 over Boston (Schilling)

Total to date: -$1,125

W/L record: 57-75 (2-4 yesterday for -190. Whatever I had last year, I've officially lost it.)

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