June 14, 2004

News, Notes and Quotes (June 14, 2004)

What Could Have Been

I would describe the Minnesota Twins' bullpen as "fair" so far in 2004. They haven't been great, but they definitely haven't been horrible. They rank tied for 10th in the American League in ERA at 4.34, and they are actually closer to 1st (3.23) than they are to last (5.64). If I were handing out grades, I think I'd probably give them a solid C.

Still, I can't help but think about what could have been. After the Twins got Joe Nathan in a trade with the Giants, there was a chance, however slight, that they could team him up with Eddie Guardado and Latroy Hawkins, who were both free agents. As we know now, that never happened, as both Guardado (Seattle) and Hawkins (Chicago) signed with other teams during the offseason.

But what would the Minnesota bullpen look like if they would have been able to keep both of those guys, along with Nathan and the immerging Juan Rincon? Take a look at this "front four" that they would have been featuring ...

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Today's picks:

Baltimore (DuBose) +120 over Cleveland (Westbrook)

Houston (Clemens) -125 over Chicago (Prior)

Total to date: -$2,700

W/L record: 96-132 (7-15 over the weekend for -880. At this point, hopefully you've all figured out to do the opposite of whatever I do.)

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