June 27, 2004

The Quotable Moviegoer

I went to a movie last night and, afterwards, heard the following uttered by my fellow moviegoers as I made my way out of the theater ...

- "They really should impeach that son of a bitch. You hear me? They've got to impeach him!"

- "You know, republicans typically are for less government in everyone's lives."

Upon hearing that second quote, one of the people I was with turned to me and said, "He couldn't possibly have been serious, right?"

Okay, now anyone wanna take a wild guess as to which movie I saw? And no, I won't be reviewing or discussing the movie here. I've learned my lesson about that sort of stuff already.

While I was out at the movies, the Chicago White Sox made a fairly big trade, getting Freddy Garcia from the Mariners. I have a full write-up of the deal posted over at The Hardball Times, so go check it out ...

The Hardball Times: Garcia to the White Sox

Today's picks:

San Diego (Wells) -130 over Arizona (Reynolds)

Toronto (Halladay) -115 over Tampa Bay (Zambrano)

Total to date: -$2,405

W/L record: 114-148 (4-1 over the weekend for +300, with one non-bet because of a changed pitcher.)

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