July 12, 2004

Only One Article

For most of the first-half, I've been writing two articles per weekday. One over at The Hardball Times that is usually pretty lengthy and about baseball in general, and one here that is usually a little shorter and about the Twins or something not related to baseball.

Yesterday, I ran into a little problem. You see, with no baseball on the schedule, it's tough to produce two new articles. Now, I know what you're saying: What about when it's the offseason, you write new stuff then! It's even tougher now than it is during the offseason, because at least during the offseason there are trades and free agent signings to talk about.

Yesterday there was nothing. Well, there was the Home Run Derby. So, less than nothing. I am as big a baseball fan as you will ever see. I'll watch MLB games, minor league games, college games, high school games, tee-ball games. I'll listen to the draft on the internet and watch old games on ESPN Classic. I'll be into just about anything even remotely having to do with baseball, but you'd have to physically force me to watch the Home Run Derby, and even then I'd put up a good fight.

Anyway, you'll have to forgive me, because I have but one article for you to read today and it's over at The Hardball Times. I'll come up with two articles for tomorrow though, I promise. Those guys who only write one column per day are such slackers ...

The Hardball Times: First-Half Review (American League)

Today's picks:

No Games Scheduled

Total to date: -$2,975

W/L record: 121-164

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