August 8, 2004


Is there anything worse than an 18-inning loss? That's not a rhetorical question either, I'm actually wondering. In the world of baseball, is there anything worse?

To waste another nice start by Carlos Silva, a game-tying home run by Cristian Guzman off Mark Mulder, scoreless relief appearances by Juan Rincon, Aaron Fultz, Jesse Crain and Joe Nathan, and a nearly flawless "second start" by Joe Roa (five innings, one hit, zero runs) ... it's beyond frustrating.

And the thing about losing an 18-inning game is that you're almost excited that the game actually ended, so you don't quite realize how awful you feel until a few hours later. It's like stubbing your toe and then dropping a 50-pound weight on your foot after the initial pain goes away.

I could give you my thoughts on the game, with some comments on just how awful the Twins' offense was while not scoring a single run for nine straight innings, or on the many interesting managerial decisions made by Ron Gardenhire, but frankly I just want to forget this game ever happened.

Let's just pretend the Twins lost in nine innings, let's just pretend they didn't look completely lost at the plate for what was an entire regulation game, let's just forget about the fact that they blew their bullpen out and have a game this afternoon, and let's just pretend I didn't spend four hours and 57 minutes of my life preparing for that weight to be dropped on my foot.

In an effort to take our minds off the incredibly frustrating game that may or may not have happened yesterday, let's talk about something that I think will make all Twins fans smile ... Johan Santana.

Go check out this article ...

The Hardball Times: Getting What You Wished For

And please, for the love of Twins fans and bullpen arms everywhere, how about seven strong innings today, Kyle?

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