September 6, 2004

Back to School (Part Two)

I did a mini-move on Saturday, checking in, getting my keys, and bringing a couple small boxes and some clothes to my room. The real, big move occurs today, perhaps as you're reading this, and involves not only me, but my mom and dad. Should be a fun afternoon all around, and if you've been around long enough to have read about my past move-ins, you'll know just how high my level of sarcasm can soar.

Anyway, since I'm still packing and unpacking, you'll have to forgive the fact that I'm also still in slacker mode when it comes to my writing. Instead of my usual two articles, I only have one again today. Now, some might say one article per day is plenty (especially when I'm doing the writing), but I guess that's another issue altogether.

Oh, and one little note: For anyone who has e-mailed me over the past week or so and hasn't heard back from me yet, give me a little more time. Once I'm settled into the dorm I hope to get caught up on my e-mails. Sorry in advance for the delay.

I'll be back tomorrow with all you ever wanted to know about moving into a dorm at the University of Minnesota. Until then, check this out ...

Hardball Times: Pick a Card, Any Card

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