November 4, 2004

One of Those Days

I had an interesting day yesterday.

I was up all night working on a paper for one of my journalism classes, which I ended up turning in at about four in the morning, via e-mail. As soon as I thought normal people would be awake, I made my way to an Einstein Brothers Bagels and ordered a couple plain bagels with butter, perhaps the most innocent bagel order in the history of mankind. I was told that they didn't have any plain bagels, which is at least the fifth or sixth time I've tried to get that order and been turned down in the last year or so.

Shortly after that, with my stomach empty, I actually turned down a job for what has to be the first time in my entire life. I really wanted to do it, but the time/money commitment wasn't quite right. Shocking, I know. Six months ago I probably would have jumped at the opportunity, but I guess things change. It does seem rather strange to me to turn down someone's offer to pay me money to write something, but I suppose I have to get over that.

Then in the afternoon, I talked to someone at length about a really interesting writing project that I'd love to get involved with. And yes, if it seems like I'm being cryptic with the details of this stuff, it's because I am (I've learned my lesson from spilling the beans in the past). A short while after I got off the phone with that person, I learned that the mother of someone very close to me passed away.

It was a very long, strange, up-and-down day. And the fact that I didn't get any sleep wasn't helping matters either. Oh, and addition to all that stuff, I also wrote a new article for The Hardball Times, answered angry e-mails from Yankees fans, won a Diamond-Mind league playoff series to advance to the ALCS, and kept up to speed on the season's first full slate of NBA games.

Who says lazy, mostly unemployed college students don't have busy lives? In an attempt to make up for all the energy I expelled yesterday, I plan to sleep for 23 of today's 24 hours, with a short bathroom break, lunch (probably not bagels), and a quick game of NBA Live 2005 mixed in.

Today at The Hardball Times:

- The Meat Market: Second Basemen (by Aaron Gleeman)

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