November 5, 2004

I Got Nothin'

Blogger (the website/program I use to write this blog) has been giving me a ton of trouble this week. Last night, after I wrote up a nice NBA column for today, it ate the entire thing after I had spent about a half hour on it.

Then, when I decided to restart the whole thing and write it again, I couldn't get logged in to the system to do so. I was finally able to log in at around three in the morning, but by that time I had wasted a couple hours putzing around, I didn't feel much like writing anything, and the pillow was calling my name.

So send those angry e-mails to blogger, not to me. And in the meantime ...

Today at The Hardball Times:

- The Meat Market: Shortstops (by Aaron Gleeman)

- The 2004 Hardball Times Baseball Annual Sneak Preview (by Studes)

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