December 1, 2004

Take My Money, Please

I am playing in the Baseball Think Factory Poker Tournament tonight, and for the small cost of $22 you too can play and attempt to take my money. This is BTF's first attempt at a poker tourney, and since I'd love to play in a regular game with a bunch of baseball fans, I'm hoping some of you will sign up so there's a good turnout.

Here are the details:

Site: Poker Stars (

Game: No-Limit Texas Hold 'Em ($20 buy-in + $2 entry fee)

Time: 9:00 ET

Tourney Name: Baseball Think Factory, Volume I

Tourney Number: 3648896

Password: optionj

If you're not already a Poker Stars player (and I wasn't before yesterday), you need to download the software, create a user name, and deposit some money into your account. It's really quite easy to do and you'll be done in about three minutes.

Then, once you have all that set up, log in, go to "Tourney," and then select "Private." At that point you should get a list of all the private tournaments available, so find either the tournament named "Baseball Think Factory, Volume I" or the tournament numbered "3648896." When asked for a password to join, type in "optionj" and make sure all the letters are lower-case.

I really hope some of you sign up, because it should be fun. As always, if you want to play in the tournament and you have a question, feel free to drop me an e-mail.

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