December 10, 2004

Friday Link-O-Rama

  • My buddy Than had an article in the Minnesota Daily earlier this week about the new recruiting policies for NCAA Division I schools. Aside from it being a very good article, the part I found most enjoyable was this little tidbit of wholesome goodness:

    These activities are banned under the new guidelines for athletic recruiting.

    - Consuming alcoholic beverages, regardless of age

    - Use of strippers, either in clubs or private parties

    - Use of sexual activity as a recruiting device

    - Gambling or gaming activities

    - Use of illegal drugs

    I really think current high school seniors should be grandfathered into this thing, because otherwise they are really getting a raw deal. The article has all sorts of other interesting stuff, including the athletics director of a major university saying the words "just as last year we had the Deja Vu incident." For those of you either not living in Minnesota or living here but under a rock, "Deja Vu" is a local "gentlemen's club." I'll let you use your imagination regarding the "incident."

  • A couple weeks ago, I said: "The guy who played "Steve Urkel" on Family Matters could make 1,000 incredible movies and play 1,000 incredible parts and he will still always be "the guy who played Steve Urkel." Well, it turns out "the guy who played Steve Urkel" is actually Jaleel White, and he has a blog on I'll leave you to come up with your own snide comments on this one (come on, you can do it!).
  • On the list of "sentences you want to see your name in," exactly how far down does this one rank?

    Los Angeles Dodgers pitcher Jose Lima could have to pay a woman who claims she contracted genital herpes from him as much as $950,000, the woman's attorney said Thursday.

    Also, who knew the going rate for genital herpes was more than the going rate for John Mabry?

  • If you're a fan of Office Space and you have 10 minutes that you absolutely must waste, boy do I have the place for you!
  • I once got an e-mail from Aaron Schatz in which he referred to himself as "the other Aaron." This is funny because Schatz is the man behind Football Outsiders and writes columns for The New Republic and Page 2 (including a great one this week about the best seasons ever for an NFL quarterback).

    As if that weren't enough, he also had an article in the New York Times this week about better ways to evaluate NFL running backs. If I could accomplish just one of those things, I'm pretty sure I'd call it a successful career, so from now on he is definitely "the Aaron."

  • Did you purchase your copy of The Hardball Times 2004 Baseball Annual yet? It's not too late to buy one as a Christmas present for that special someone and it makes an extraordinary belated Hannukah gift.
  • Today at The Hardball Times:

    - Free Agent Wrap-Up: The First Wave (by Aaron Gleeman)

    - National Attention: The Expos' 35-Year Journey to Washington D.C. (by Brian Borawski)

    - Gathering (by Bill James)

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