January 3, 2005

They Say It's Your Birthday

Today is my 22nd birthday. I know, I know ... you'd think I would have made a bigger deal out of this before today. It seems like I should do something special here on my birthday, particularly since this is my first blog entry of the new year and all, but I really couldn't think of anything exciting to do. Instead, I'd like to take this opportunity to say thank you to all of you who have supported this site over the years.

When I started this blog on August 1, 2002, I never could have dreamed it would become anywhere close to this important to me. From the days when the only people reading were in my immediate family to the last few months, when thousands of people have stopped by each day, the response has always exceeded even my wildest expectations. With nearly 80,000 visitors, December was this blog's biggest month yet and the 28th consecutive month of increased readership. And, as you can see by the "counter" up in the left-hand corner, we'll hit one million total visitors sometime this month, which is absolutely mind boggling to me.

Whether today is your first time here or you've been coming every day for the past two years, thank you. Writing here and at The Hardball Times has been perhaps the most rewarding experience of my young life. I have enjoyed talking baseball (and whatever else crosses my mind) on a daily basis and it has been great corresponding with many of you via e-mail, and even meeting some of you in person.

I got together with a bunch of Twins fans last night, including several of everyone's favorite bloggers (John "Twins Geek" Bonnes, Bat-Girl, Will Young, Stick and Ball Guy, Eric from The Baseball Boys), and had a great time. There's nothing better than getting together in the middle of a too-cold and too-long Minnesota winter to chat baseball with good people, and I have this blog to thank for being a part of such a wonderful community of fans.

I hate to get all sappy, but I really want to let you all know how much you mean to me. From the daily e-mails I get and the nice things people say about me on other blogs to the people who shelled out their hard-earned money to buy THT's book or helped me pay for a new laptop a while back, I appreciate it. And if you're one of those people who just reads, without e-mailing or giving away money, I appreciate that too. As long as you keep stopping by to read what I have to say, I'll keep writing.

Here's hoping for a good 2005 for you, me, and the Minnesota Twins. Thank you.

Today at The Hardball Times:

- Free Agent Wrap-Up: The Fourth Wave (by Aaron Gleeman)

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