January 6, 2005


It's been a while since I unloaded my bookmarked links on you guys, so here goes ...

  • While reading Maxim for the articles, I stumbled across this noteworthy quote from an interview with Desperate Housewives star Eva Longoria.

    I really love sports. There's something so sexy and masculine when guys rattle off names and statistics. I can listen to them all day long.

    First of all, someone needs to give Eva a link to this blog immediately. It would be pretty amazing if that were a genuine quote that expresses her actual feelings, which is certainly possible. However, in the likely case that it isn't, you really have to give some credit to the publicist who suggested she say that in an interview with a men's magazine. It is the equivalent of George Clooney doing an interview with Cosmopolitan and saying something like, "I'm looking to settle down and get married, but looks aren't nearly as important to me as what's inside a woman."

    Incidentally, I gave Desperate Housewives a chance and watched a couple episodes early on, but it did absolutely nothing for me. I realize there is plenty of eye candy for guys like me and the racy story lines seem like they should be interesting in theory, but for some reason it went over about as big with me as Ashley Simpson's Orange Bowl performance.

  • Speaking of eye candy ... Jessica Alba lost her title as the Official Fantasy Girl of AG.com to Elisha Cuthbert a little while back, but there's a good chance she has taken back the top spot as a result of this set of pictures. Don't worry, she's not nude or anything. Still, I defy you to click on that link and look at the pictures for any less than 10 minutes. They are like photography's answer to Lays potato chips ("bet you can't eat just one").

    (And yes, I realize this blog entry got perverted and creepy in a hurry.)

  • Okay, here's something completely different ... Reason #549,394 why Jeff Jarvis is my hero.
  • For Twins fans in need of a good chuckle, check out Phil Rogers' annual mid-offseason column on why the White Sox will be better next season. If I remember correctly, one time it was that they had more starters who had 30+ starts and 190+ innings pitched the year before than the Twins had, and one year it was that the Twins made too many changes during the offseason. Much like betting double-or-nothing on a coin clip and taking heads over and over again, I guess Rogers figures he'll come out even at some point.
  • For the second time in the last couple months, Minneapolis Star Tribune columnist Nick Coleman devoted several hundred words to showing how scared he is of the future. There have been people who were savagely beaten with a roll of quarters who were less frightened of change than guys like Coleman.
  • Meanwhile, Coleman's Star Tribune colleague James Lileks has a great column up that makes Coleman look ... well, old, scared, and defensive (among other things).

    Here's my favorite part, which is basically something I said here a few weeks ago, except much better:

    The Internet is going to make gigs like this obsolete, once enough people realize that some guy in his basement is capable of turning out commentary as insightful as a tenured eminence who was handed a column 30 years ago and has spent the last 10 coasting on a scoop from the Reagan years. It takes dynamite to get some writers out of the paper.

    The funny thing is, I didn't notice either Coleman's column or Lileks' column until a couple people pointed them out to me, because there's enough quality writing available online to make me forget all about newspapers. Which, ironically enough, is essentially Lileks' whole point, as well as exactly what Coleman is afraid of.

  • I really need to get myself this shirt. And maybe one for Coleman too.
  • The Hardball Times:

    - Belated Hall of Fame Thoughts (by Aaron Gleeman)

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