January 11, 2005

My Biggest Fan

In addition to talking about the momentous occasion of this website's one-millionth visitor yesterday, I talked about a person going by the name "Mimiru" who e-mailed me to say he/she would no longer be reading anything of mine and then bashed me at another website. It was the first time I had come across this person, but a few people e-mailed me to say they've seen Mimiru bashing me in other places before. So, with the aid of Google, I did a little digging. What I found is ... well, it's a little distuburing, actually.

First, we have what Mimiru said to me in an e-mail on Saturday morning:

Dear Aaron,

Due to your January 06 posting I will never read anything you write again, just thought I would let you know.



Certainly very harmless and well within her rights. (I am assuming the person is a she due to her e-mail address, which contains the word "lady" in it.) Then she headed over to USSMariner and said the following in a discussion that had nothing to do with me:

Starting with Aaron Gleeman, most of the stat-heads I know are incredible jerks and people, who if they write like they really are, I would not want to be around.

But wait, it gets better. Mimiru is apparently a frequent commenter over at Bat-Girl's website and has had plenty to say about me there in the past. The following quotes all come from comments posted by "Mimiru" in the discussion section of Bat-Girl's blog, and the majority of them came without anyone mentioning anything to do with me. I've put them in chronological order, just so you can get a feel for the timeline. Also, I haven't corrected any of her bad spelling or grammar. And away we go ...

June 15, 2004:

Even the start before that, where he gave up for runs... he pitched 8 innings. He was GOLD for 7 of them, only that 1 slip.

So you can argue that it was just bad luck that time. The only downside to this is that Aaron Gleeman will now become even MORE insufferable.

Yeah... I hope you READ THIS Gleeman!

June 17, 2004:

Tee-hee, Luis Rivas asd BOD makes Aaron Gleeman tear his hair out. I love it!

June 21, 2004:

I can't do any forumlae so don't ask me to figure out OPS+ or god forbid, the "Gleeman" Production Average. Besides, I'm waaaaay nicer than him which most stat-heads aren't.

July 6, 2004:

I agree Gleeman, but he never follows his heart, just the damn math.

July 14, 2004:

Look to Aaron Gleeman and the Hardball Times trascript of their chat during the All-Star game to see what I hate most about SABR people...

...They are so crazy mean and cruel.

July 23, 2004:

I agree that Jones deserves to SIT against lefties. But I've given up breaking his hold over Gardenhire. I swear, I hate Gleeman's guts but I agree with him about that.

December 3, 2004:

I don't care one bit if he hits the ball or not, I care about him getting acolades he does not deserve to recieve. Stick that in your hand and deal it Gleeman.

December 22, 2004:

Aaron Gleeman describes what I mean about the off-season rather well. Ugh, I feel a little ill about recommending his writing.

There are actually more, but I think you get the idea. First of all, what a terrible loss it is to have such a supportive person stop reading this blog. This is the equivalent of one of those drunk fans in the bleachers yelling "YOU SUCK!" at the opposing rightfielder every game for an entire season, and then deciding one day it's no longer worth heckling because a player gave them a nasty look.

Beyond that, how amazing is it that this person is so preoccupied with who is nice and who isn't? For those of you keeping score at home, Mimiru called me an "incredible jerk," "insufferable," and "crazy cruel and mean." And that's just the tip of the iceberg. She also used the word "hate" to describe her feelings for "SABR people" and said she "hates Gleeman's guts." And, of course, she made sure to tell everyone that she's "waaaaay nicer" than me, said she wouldn't want to be around people like me, and repeatedly made negative generalizations about an entire group of people.

It takes a special kind of person to read someone's personal blog each day and then constantly say nasty things about them in a public forum, particularly when that public form is a light-hearted blog devoted to the Minnesota Twins that frequently includes such things as lego reenactments. Hell, even on the rare occasions when I wrote something that Mimiru didn't find terribly offensive, she "felt ill about recommending [my] writing" and prefaced saying she agreed with me on something by saying she "hates [my] guts."

Equally amazing is that something I wrote on January 6 was the straw that finally broke Mimiru's back. You'd think she would have given up on me a long time ago, seeing as though I'm such a horrible, crazy, mean, insufferable jerk who isn't nice, never follows his heart, and made her ill on at least one occasion. I guess I give her credit for having the bravery to stay as long as she did, but my incredibly powerful January 6 entry wasn't exactly controversial (the entry's title was "Link-O-Rama" ... how bad could it have been?).

So while she isn't around to see this after pledging to "never read anything you write again," I would like to take this opportunity to induct Mimiru into the AaronGleeman.com Crazy Reader Hall of Fame. She is the second person to receive this prestigious honor, joining the infamous "Crazy Frank" as a first-ballot inductee.

Congratulations Mimiru! I wish you a long, healthy life of hypocritically and ironically complaining about the lack of likable qualities displayed by others. And may you always take pleasure in bashing me, "stat-heads," and "SABR people" all over the internet!

Today at The Hardball Times:

- The 1952 American League (by Steve Treder)

- Beltran to the Mets? (by Studes)

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